a Two Act Comedy by Phil Olson



Gilmore Creek Playwriting Competition


"Olson has actually come up with a two act

pilot for a TV series. In high conseptese, it’s

Cheers, meets WKRP in Cincinnati, meets

Newhart…and throw in Fargo, too!"

- Los Angeles Times

"Combine superb comic writing with solid direction

and a smart cast with great timing, and you’re headed

for a comedy hit!"  - LA WEEKLY Pick of the Week


"Hilarious!…Side-splitting pace!…A real audience

pleaser! This comedy is totally silly, entertaining and

refreshingly unique!"  - The Tolucan Times


"A heart-warming tale in cold Minnesota where you’ll find love, laughter and a wonderful time!"  - Irish News


"Set in the American Heartland of Whitefish Bay, it is the plain spoken Minnesotan story of Lars Knudsen’s need to find love!"  - American Eagle News


"This one really reels in the laughs!"

- Arthur Cantor - Tony Award Winning Producer


KOLD Radio, Whitefish Bay


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